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Coover pursued me beyond my explanations of the link logic and was unswayed by my coy, meant-to-be-Sirenlike-seductions (and too-obvious pandering) of my hyperfiction writing exercise with its elucidation of its "three kinds of links" (1997):
Most of the mass media ignored the caveats of the project director and came up with headlines such as "Skeptical Research Effort Confirms Global Warming, Again," "Climate Skeptics Remain Unswayed," and "Climate Skeptics Take Another Hit" (Scientific American, New York Times, and Mother Jones, respectively).
The idealised economic planner is an all-knowing, all-powerful guardian of the public interest unswayed by special interest pleadings, and would carefully calculate the point where the marginal costs of intervention just offset the benefits and then set a tax rate to maximise efficiency.
Telman8 Motorists unswayed by faster travel time of high speed rail link It's all good and well saying that speed isn't a factor, but it obviously is.
ITC's final determination on Apple's suit against HTC will be issued in early December, which, if unswayed from the initial ruling, may ruin HTC's footholds in the U.
In a manner perfectly parallel to a child's temper tantrum in the presence of a strong-minded adult unswayed by howls and kicks, he resorts to "bellowing, stomping, blustering, grimacing, twitching, snorting, belching, clawing and drooling .
Many patients with OSA, put off by CPAP's noise, inconvenience, and expense, remained unswayed by physician warnings of the medical risks they face in not being treated.
Unswayed by ceremony, Beck grilled one captain relentlessly on the excessive overtime situation in Hollywood and instructed her to return to the next meeting with a plan on how overtime would be drastically reduced in the future.
Yet Cpl Neathway is unswayed not only in his support of equipment and training but of the treatment he received by medics at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak Hospital.
I'm always conscious of the need to be objective, and unswayed by patriotism when assessing Irish challengers for a big race outside the country, but I can't see the 230th Derby as anything other than an Irish benefit.
Nigerian carrier Arik Air is on the lookout for more long-haul aircraft as it presses ahead with its international development unswayed by the economic crisis enveloping the globe.
It seems the prior belief system that 'autoimmune diseases are associated with MS' is so strong as to be unswayed by actual data.