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During a string of bilateral Bulgarian-Israeli government meetings following the attack, high-ranking Israeli statesmen have unswervingly made a case of restating that position.
German unemployment has been shrinking unswervingly in recent years, despite the ongoing turmoil.
They went forward four ways and kept their course unswervingly.
China ''will unswervingly maintain its regulation policies on the property market next year to make housing prices return to a reasonable level,'' the statement said, calling for continued vigilance over the housing bubble.
The dead soldier's commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel AJ Aitken, said: "Corporal Pike was the very epitome of a Highland soldier: fierce in battle, compassionate to all and unswervingly loyal to his friends - a code he lived by to the very end.
The subject of unwarranted criticism earlier in the season, Carragher is the living embodiment of the Kopite on the pitch, unswervingly loyal and committed to the cause.
But her ambivalent embrace of movies and television is particular, and she unswervingly addresses such markers as her own gender, Jewishness, and class situatedness.
Meanwhile, Carlo Ancelotti - who was distinctly unimpressed by Capello's stance - stood by his man unswervingly and saw Terry skipper Chelsea to the Premier League and FA Cup double.
In "Les cartes," the author uses present-tense narration to propel a tale of jealousy that is unswervingly destined to lead to murder: "Quelqu'un dans son entourage est un malheur pour elle" (Someone close to her brings her bad luck).
We will continue the fight against terrorism unswervingly and to the end," Mr Medvedev said.
George Papaconstantinou, the Greek finance minister, said the belt-tightening would work if unswervingly enforced.
I was reminded of the "two whatevers policy" advocated by some in China's Communist Party in the late 1970s: "We will resolutely uphold whatever policy decisions Chairman Mao made, and unswervingly follow whatever policy decisions came.