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The combined unsymmetrical nature of the true induction times as a function of temperature can be seen in Fig.
Other versions of training sets considered in this work are unsymmetrical.
I wish they'd kept the extra strings away instead of bothering to come up with a unsymmetrical display.
This would be a limitation, for example, "'in the study of complicated and unsymmetrical systems such as one encounters in business cycle theory" (Metzler 1948: 910).
Note antalgic gait, unsymmetrical strides, aberrant movement patterns, and excessive twisting, rotating, or lateral movement.
Using different methods as appropriate, some symmetrical and unsymmetrical disulfides were prepared.
Our brains are divided into two hemispheres, and the hemispheres are anatomically and functionally highly unsymmetrical.
For multi-lumen and unsymmetrical geometries, it often takes more than one tooling set to get it right," he said.
On the bench a row of upper slabs were built with a height of 10 to 17 cms surrounding a covered chamber with unsymmetrical sides.
Brazil is one of the few teams to have an unsymmetrical formation with Robinho playing high up on the left wing while the other wing is basically staffed in shifts between a central midfielder and the right back.
The special structure of a shuttlecock makes its trajectory perform unsymmetrical motion when playing.