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The second group considered each stock's profit prediction by management associated with unsystematic risk, and
tau]] is the forecasted realization of the time index used in BDV (2002a) for simulating random numbers of death, thus reflecting the unsystematic mortality risk, and [E.
Comparing apple to apple, for example, if one were to select a fund manager who manages an equity fund investing into the same universe but split into Islamic and conventional portions than, all things set-aside, both funds should perform the same excepting any unsystematic risk associated with the underlying conventional or Islamic script.
Leeper says he uses terms such as "science" and "alchemy" to call attention to the generalization that "monetary policy tends to employ systematic analytics, while fiscal policy relies on unsystematic speculation.
Professor Shakeel Romsu of Geology and Geo-Physics Department at Kashmir University, in a media interview said that the rampant and unsystematic mining caused the recent tremors in Aishmuqam area of Islamabad (IHK) district.
The president is being tied up every which way by his foes, who can plainly see that the Obama vision is an unsystematic one.
To bring organization and structure to this unsystematic environment, they must simultaneously coordinate four particular areas, known as the major-incident quadrahedral, ensuring that these realms produce the best conditions for overall case management.
Orscheidt's characteristically meticulous analysis of the Krapina (Croatia) Neanderthal remains reveals how bone fragmentation was due to natural causes and the rarity and unsystematic location of cut marks, casting doubt on interpretations of cannibalism.
Eugene Fama's Decomposition of total return reported negative values of return on systematic as well as unsystematic risk implying that the market return was less than the risk-free return during the period of study.
began to realise that they could diversify their investment portfolios to spread unsystematic risk as easily as and more cheaply than companies that had to pay a control premium to gain control of another company".
On the one hand, from the point of view of the international portfolio, it is about an unsystematic risk which is determined by elements that are specific to every national portfolio.