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We are so honored to be recognized in this category and receive this award," said Bob Walters, CEO of Untangle.
eSoft and Untangle have partnered to enable small businesses to enforce acceptable network usage policies effectively by blocking and monitoring web traffic.
The report on the LinuxWorld Fight Club testing is available on the Untangle website at http://virus.
While Katz Rothman can't untangle race and adoption, the book serves as a cogent reminder that "wherever you go, you schlep your body with you.
In her exhibition "Preparatory Objects," Ulrike Heydenreich employed the tools and practices of physical science in an attempt to untangle the chaos of sensory phenomena and understand the human subject's drive to explore new frontiers.
She is in a coma, and it is up to private investigators Justin Escobar and Dora Saldana to untangle the clues.
The surprising twists and page-turning cliffhangers literally pulsate with dramatic tension, and the novel's pace, in near-breathless passages, runs full-throttle as the reader approaches the story's climax and vows to untangle each perilous detail.
Long Journey Into Manhood is written in the context of the September 11th attacks, though they are not its core focus; that is the saga of its protagonist, who must untangle the lies and petty deceptions in his life in order to fully mature into strong, resilient, dependable and courageous man.
After she was caught and admitted in court to identity-theft and grand-theft charges, he said, she promised to help untangle the real-estate ownership and clear up the identity-theft victims' records.
Better to untangle the cable and crank clockwise to wind it back onto the drum.
to provide members with a centralized tool to untangle complex state and local statues.
Only long-term studies of families living in poverty can untangle the reasons for this pattern of findings, he asserts.