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It follows research which showed people in Wrexham were the most frustrated in the UK by the annual job of untangling lights.
A typical day could involve untangling up to 60 sets of lights.
Eberhard also points out the difficulty of untangling the interests of the sexual combatants.
After two hours, in which I spent at least as much time untangling and re-tying my daughter's line as I did casting my own line, we packed up our gear and consoled ourselves with 30 minutes of paddle-boat entertainment.
And although some of Carroll's reasons for believing Chettle's authorship rely heavily on previous studies and computer analyses, his discussion of the various representations of each animal in "Lamilias Fable" warrants attention and further enquiry, as does his adept untangling of "one of the most successful creative hoaxes in our culture.
An untangling of bodies asleep allows an untangling of lives, and soon an absence as vast as the cosmos slips in from almost nowhere at all while you doze: "a sisterly severance, a cutting of cookies, adios fraternos.
It follows research saying people in the town are the most frustrated in the UK by the job of untangling lights.
The main responsibilities will include manning the Christmas Lights Untangling stand, handling customers' Christmas lights carefully to keep everything in tip-top condition and untangling lights.
Two separate teams of geneticists have begun untangling the mystery behind one of the most fundamental differences between men and women -- the fact that whereas both of a man's two sex chromosomes stay active, only one of a woman's does.
Receptor Encounters Untangling the threads of the serotonin system
This enzyme had previously been recognized for its activity in untangling DNA.