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In that shop of shady wares fitted with deal shelves painted a dull brown, which seemed to devour the sheen of the light, the gold circlet of the wedding ring on Mrs Verloc's left hand glittered exceedingly with the untarnished glory of a piece from some splendid treasure of jewels, dropped in a dust-bin.
But he evidently reserved himself for the chiefs, and for those moments of extreme anguish, when the loftiness of his spirit might evince itself in a manner better becoming his high and untarnished reputation.
Jeremy's collection of pictures, titled Unsullied and Untarnished (a phrase taken from a saying about looking after the ceremonial flag in a Common Riding) is part of the new Document Scotland exhibition The Ties That Bind, at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.
The only way, for me, that Mo can come through this controversy, with his reputation untarnished, is for him, in crystal clear, unambiguous language, to explain just how he managed to miss two drug tests in the build-up to the 2010 London Olympics.
His boss Willie Mullins triumphed with Vedettariat and the exciting mare Vroum Vroum Mag, which retained her untarnished record over fences when bolting up in the Grade 2 Dawn Run Mares Novice Chase in Limerick.
Managing director Jamie Brown said yesterday: "It's a relief to the good name of the company and a record untarnished.
Mystic: A Small Town From Base Ball's Yesterday offers a feel-good story about life and communal spirit that grabs the heart of the readers and transports them to a time when life was simpler, and baseball was untarnished by big business.
In the latest averages Steve Nicholls and Peter Walsh Jnr have 100% from eight matches while Steve Green and Jonathan Taylor boast untarnished records from six matches.
Stressing the good performance of Barekovas party at the European Parliament elections, Van Orden added that the formation had an inspiring leader and a program which was aimed at stimulating economic reform and conducting untarnished policies.
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Project title: Unsullied and Untarnished Braw Lassies and Honest Lads, Left Hand Lassies and Right Hand Men, Cornets and Coldstreamers, all titles given to the upstanding youths who, accompanied by riders such as Kevin "Lucky" Telford (pictured), champion their towns during the summer Common Riding festivals of the Scottish Borders.
Tobey is arrested and sentenced to time behind bars for a crime he did not commit, while Dino walks away untarnished.
His reputation remains untarnished - if anything it has been enhanced by his exemplary behaviour.