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Next to the welfare of our beloved island--this great and free and happy country, whose powers and resources are, I sincerely believe, illimitable--I value that noble independence which is an Englishman's proudest boast, and which I fondly hope to bequeath to my children, untarnished and unsullied.
never mind about that; just say his loyalty was untarnished, his religion enlightened,--the poor old fellow hated churches and never set foot in one, but you had better make him out a
The eight-yearold, a nine-time winner over fences, including six at Grade 1 level, hasn't been seen since losing his untarnished chasing record in the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham in Match.
Benzen worked with showed a positive image of Filipino expatriates and said that the Consulate continuously reminded Filipino communities under its jurisdiction to ensure that the good reputation of Filipinos in Canada remain untarnished.
3 million observations have been made from the telescope, which orbits above the atmosphere at 17,000 mph for an untarnished view of the universe.
And my record and my reputation has been untarnished until now because of all these unjust and unfair false allegations, fabricated lies against my alleged involvement in the drug trade,' she said.
Well done to Clondaw Warrior - talented and untarnished, unlike the others.
It has a leader untarnished by past failures and who I suggest should be rallied round in the interest of the nation.
The play is grounded in its 1969 setting with all its class snobbery and gender inequality but the zing of the dialogue and the brilliance of the staging remains untarnished.
His untarnished and unblemished image makes him a focused and ideal brand ambassador for IMC.
Belsay village is lovely but it is not an untarnished jewel; it has changed, rightly, with the times.
Jeremy's collection of pictures, titled Unsullied and Untarnished (a phrase taken from a saying about looking after the ceremonial flag in a Common Riding) is part of the new Document Scotland exhibition The Ties That Bind, at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.