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The HSBC list purportedly contains names of Indians and other foreign nationals having untaxed money in the Swiss unit of the bank.
This section has been abused cleverly by Pakistani tax dodgers to launder their untaxed money through State patronage, he added.
The untaxed vehicle is then clamped and taken to a compound where the release fee is pounds 150 plus the cost of purchasing a valid tax disc.
Germany, which has been one of the harshest critics of Switzerland's bank secrecy laws, expects to clinch a landmark tax deal with Berne by the end of October aimed at resolving the problem of an estimated 200 bln euros ($273 bln) of untaxed German wealth hidden in Switzerland.
South Wales Police often carries out operations in partnership with the DVLA targeting untaxed vehicles, and what we find is that the drivers of these types of vehicles can often be involved in other criminal activities.
Five vehicles were removed for being untaxed, one for having no insurance.
Mirek Bergiel, 37, said: "I couldn't believe it when I got this letter accusing me of leaving a van untaxed.
Since car tax can only be purchased with a valid MOT and insurance certificate, it reduces the number of potentially dangerous untaxed, uninsured and unroadworthy vehicles on the road.
Ten vehicles were found to be untaxed while six drivers were summonsed for having defective cars.
Q I'M looking to buy a classic Mercedes SL, but am worried that I'll end up with something that's been untaxed and off the road for months, or even years.
Six penalty points in the first two years of a new licence brings an automatic ban but it is feared that many, if not most, sneak back on to the roads to drive untaxed and uninsured.
They were looking for uninsured or untaxed cars on the A444, by Austin Drive, Courthouse Green.