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In her discussion of Peter Greenaway's films Spielmann rejects Bazin's "mediaspecific" differentiation between a centripetal painted picture and a centrifugal picture of a film, arguing--following Deleuze--for "the untenability of an ontological difference between a centripetal frame of painting and a centrifugal film-screen" ("Zeit, Bewegung, Raum" 57; unless indicated otherwise, all translations are mine).
Three staples underlying Western-based antiessentialism which can be rendered moot are (1) the sheer untenability or farfetchededness of the idea of essence, (2) the unalterability of the essence, and (3) viewing essentialism ipso facto as genetic essentialism or biological reductionism.
This approximation of cross-gender sexuality agrees with the model of subjectivity in which a strict separation of subject and object prevails, and the implacability of desire based on difference demonstrates the untenability of Felix's utopian aspiration to "Gemeinschaft.
Next, Block tries to show the supposed untenability of my reliance on the principle of pacta sunt servanda on the grounds that "at the time of intercourse (.
To drive home his point about the untenability of romanticized art, Smith employs some pitiless humor.
36) Seen in the light of Adventure in New Zealand, these characteristics appear descended from the nomadic romance, functioning to highlight the legal untenability of settlement and the associated difficult}, of depicting it with a straightforward realist aesthetic.
11) Although Nietzsche takes Kantian thinking "to extremes and conclusions that are terrifying," he "also illuminates the untenability and horror of this project, and points beyond it in promising directions with a power perhaps unrivaled in the nineteenth century.
Although this example raises perplexing questions about cause and effect and about what linkage to religion is needed to make a claim of conscience religious, it also helps to show the untenability of assuming that all claims of conscience are automatically religious.
The trouble was that, in the wake of the crisis, awareness of the system's untenability changed nothing.
Their treatment of this matter suggests that K-B believe that the case of this Marx-Engels work is a decisive proof of (or at least a decisive illustration of) the untenability of my thesis that profitable entrepreneurial action is necessarily coordinative in the dovetail sense.
De Coubertin rejected this version of cosmopolitanism as a form of utopianism "gone bad" (26) Morgan echoes such statements but his rejection of "enlightenment cosmopolitanism" further illuminates the untenability of a cosmopolitan basis to universal movements such as Olympism.
It also unfolds the untenability of evolving nation-states which are taken to be containers of cultural uniformity.