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In revealing the untenability of cosmopolitanism, nothing has been done to ease the concerns regarding nationalism and its particularistic nature.
Incidentally, the proposition that many nations in South Asia are state-renouncing shows the untenability of and need for replicating nation-states of West European type, elsewhere in the world.
The results for this simulation indicate that smoke is extracted efficiently near the fire incident and does not spread much into the area beyond the zone of untenability.
Oddly enough, some extreme egalitarians (the philosopher John Rawls, for instance) do agree with Friedman regarding the untenability of the distinction between inherited property and inherited talents, but they derive the exact opposite conclusion.
Lorentz: "I cherish the hope that you can find the right way, if indeed you find the reasons given in the paper for the untenability of the current foundations to be at all valid.
1, Henry saves the appearance of Christian rule because he does not mourn its untenability.
As for the untenability of the glottogonic approach, it was amply demonstrated by the end of the 1940's.
Ross convincingly demonstrated the untenability of a retributivism aimed at "a condition of things in which the total pleasure enjoyed by each person in his life as a whole is proportional to his virtue similarly taken as a whole.
These case studies reveal the untenability of the viewpoint that religion and politics pertain to different spheres, as assumed in secular discourse.
2097, 2099-100, 2103-09 (2004) (discussing congressional delegation of legislative power and the untenability of the nondelegation doctrine).
This was always the case, of course, but the end-game of complete political integration with countries having systems of government based on the Code Napoleon make the untenability manifest.
Let the restlessness and untenability of this problem (or motivation)--at its source--be the motivating power and directing force of your quest.