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between the PTS Ambulance more when NWAS PTS, pay employed brought The situation is ridiculous and untenable David Atkinson, Union north west organiser
POSITION IS UNTENABLE Former chairman of the Northumberland Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority John Thomson was "relieved of his responsibilities"
The untenable growth rate in health care expenditure has led to all sorts of pressures to change the way in which it is delivered.
There's also the belief that escaping to fight another day is the path of a coward; suicide, by one's hand or by holding an untenable position, is seen as heroic.
Welch gave up these perks after embarrassing media headlines made them untenable.
In addition, the Sudanese government's obstruction and harassment of aid workers, combined with continual shortfalls in international donor funding, has exacerbated an already untenable situation and left millions at risk.
2005), it is clear that contrary to his accusations against the editor, it is rather he that is "shameless" in his propaganda to prove his own untenable point.
who sits on the House Financial Services Committee, says that OFHEO put Fannie Mae's directors in an untenable position.
The biggest is making sure to develop a strong record in the case at the trial court level, or else an appeal will be untenable, she said.
Half a century ago, when Pevsner made his now untenable distinction between a cathedral and a bicycle shed, the word 'architecture' could only be applied to buildings of special ritual or memorial role.
Now he proposes himself a realist and moderate seeking "compromise" by abandoning untenable colonial settlements in Gaza for a larger land grab behind the West Bank's great wall of denial.
I am therefore left with the disconcerting view that the GSEs have evolved into the linchpin for a massive mortgage finance bubble encompassing endemic and eventually untenable financial sector leveraging, speculating, and derivative trading.