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These vignettes of an untenanted sandy spit that grew into one of the great metropolises of the world range from romantic nostalgia to crime, from sport to journalism, and from language to modern-day politics.
By a simple mistake they entered and took possession of the No 22 of an avenue which happened to be untenanted.
Chelsea could have been punished for their profligacy, Thibaut Courtois thwarting Kevin-Prince Boateng before Julian Draxler danced untenanted into the box only to prod past the post.
Despite these allotments, there are still a number of untenanted evacuee properties and government land.
The number of larger properties untenanted has risen nationally since the charge was introduced on April 1.
In the temperate and tropical areas of the world, except for deserts, nature never leaves a surface untenanted for more than a few weeks.
22) For a more extended discussion, see Ann Rigney, "The Untenanted Places of the Past: Thomas Carlyle and the Varieties of Historical Ignorance," History and Theory 35, no.
Voids are a fact of life but there are simple steps a landlord can take to help reduce the chance of a property being untenanted for extended periods.
It is in the nature of rivers to rise and fall, and for water to find its way to lower ground, whether that ground be untenanted or not.
The idea that ordinary people possess extraordinary powers to protect their cultures in the face of an onslaught by colonialism is clearly Cabral's, and it displays a certain naivety in its insistence that the spirit or the minds of the masses remained an untenanted space, and that for the ordinary people the return to the source is not problematic (Cabral 2009).
An untenanted property offers a great opportunity for minor improvements to be made, without having to disrupt existing tenants.
So are the compounds and houses with untenanted dwellings and "for sale" or "for rent" signs.