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An image now materializes of heroes fighting the revolution as the description of Sam Houston includes, "another of that unterrified race of pioneers," and "an active and patriotic man," (Woodburn and Moran 1927, 335).
This section uses language that could be considered romantic, for example "The Golden Southwest," and "that unterrified race of pioneers who opened up our western country" (Woodburn and Moran 1927, 334).
Satan stood Unterrified, and like a comet burn'd, That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge In th' artick sky, and from his horrid hair Shakes pestilence and war.
Lebbeus Zevely of Linn, Missouri, refused to sign the oath and started a newspaper with the defiant title--perhaps the best in the history of American journalism--the Unterrified Democrat.
Voiced in the first-person singular and synonymous with the courage of a mind that a former editor of this magazine once described as "unorganized, unrecognized, unorthodox and unterrified," dissent is what rescues the democracy from a slow death behind closed doors.
Messick served as editor of The Unterrified Democrat in Linn, Mo.
Harper's Magazine in the late 1940s was selling for fifty cents a copy at a circulation of 145,000, and once when Allen was asked to speak to its bias, he said that it had little use for the public-relations counselor and the official announcement, choosing to reserve its trust for the individual observer "who sits all by himself, unorganized, unrecognized, unorthodox and unterrified.