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Anansi is a shameless boor, a schemer who unblushingly breaks taboos for the sake of a quick meal, a cunning scoundrel, audacious, selfish, lustful, unthankful, and immoral.
While the central commissioners rebuked the girls for their very unthankful spirit while in the workhouse, they only allowed the guardians to keep the girls out for ten days.
41) Angry, unthankful neighbors come and attack the children of Israel, just as false friends and false brothers do.
As to my Spiritual welfare, I hardly durst Speak I find myself one of the most ungrateful, unthankful, Creatures imaginable," wrote Jedediah to his brother Ralph.
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Her Kaiser is initially depicted as representing justice and as high authority, yet is later criticized as being unthankful and punishing those who trusted him and his judgments.
These strange sights, the Almighty God sendeth unto us that we should not be forgetful of his mighty power: nor unthankful for his so great mercies.
We see it in his not withholding that abundance even from the unthankful.
O dear good Joe, whom I was so ready to leave and so unthankful to, I see you again, with your muscular blacksmith's arm before your eyes, and your broad chest heaving, and your voice dying away.
Well, in the year of 1820, I embarked in that unthankful business called Pedling, and in the month of May, of the same year, I was travelling through Lawrence District, South Carolina, when my opinion was explicitly proved to me, that fidler's wives loved their husbands above all other women, particularly if they are 'Squires; and I hope the history of this case will convince the reader that I am correct.