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She had never been like this before, he would argue--it was monstrous and unthinkable.
That horrid, military, Pushkin expression is unthinkable in the dictionary of the future.
She felt it, and visioned it as by an unthinkable clairvoyance, and gasped, for the flurry of war was over.
In the troubled waters of conflicting and intersecting intrigues that eddied about the Emperor's headquarters, it was possible to succeed in many ways unthinkable at other times.
Assassination runs riot in the great Barsoomian cities; yet to murder a woman is a crime so unthinkable that even the most hardened of the paid assassins would shrink from you in horror should you suggest such a thing to him.
For a moment he could not realize the good fortune that had befallen him--all that he could see was the figure of a silent, struggling white man disappearing beneath the surface of the river to unthinkable death in the slimy mud of the bottom.
It was all right enough, down whence he had come, for youths and maidens to win each other by contact; but for the exalted personages up above on the heights to make love in similar fashion had seemed unthinkable.
Administration officials Ed Meese, Alexander Haig and Casper Weinberger are among those interviewed, along with ABC News employees that covered the unthinkable event (alas, news anchor Frank Reynolds' infamous on-camera meltdown is not shown).
And Pacific-10 Conference Player of the Year Alberto Concepcion was an unthinkable 0 for his first 8 entering the postseason at .
Daar worries that if Valley candidates are out campaigning for their vision of what the new city should be like, they might inspire voters to believe they would be better off - a possibility he considers unthinkable.