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Seven generations of the same ancestor must come up from the beginning before a cos-ata-lu child may be born; and when one considers the frightful dangers that surround the vital spark from the moment it leaves the warm pool where it has been deposited to float down to the sea amid the voracious creatures that swarm the surface and the deeps and the almost equally unthinkable trials of its effort to survive after it once becomes a land animal and starts northward through the horrors of the Caspakian jungles and forests, it is plainly a wonder that even a single babe has ever been born to a Galu woman.
It's burning, searing pain to love her and leave her--but not to have loved her is unthinkable.
They are unthinkable, and only to be approached by the statistician or the poet.
When directly beneath the group on the hillside, the incredible and unthinkable happened.
She felt it, and visioned it as by an unthinkable clairvoyance, and gasped, for the flurry of war was over.
Of course, I reflected afterwards that such a question ought not really to arise, for there ought not to be fighting and in the future society fighting is unthinkable .
That horrid, military, Pushkin expression is unthinkable in the dictionary of the future.
Harlan Ullman Chair The Killowen Group "Is it unthinkable that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump could win their parties' nominations for president?
And the life peer said while a Labour-Conservative government was "quite unthinkable at the moment" and "likely to be rejected by both of them", he added: "This is what has happened in Germany.
He added: "We need a bigger number of firearms officers as we face the unthinkable.
I've been thinking a lot about the unthinkable lately.
R&A chief executive Peter Dawson says it would be unthinkable for THE OPEN not to return to Turnberry.