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Rather, the worldview naivety and unthinking gullibility so rightly bemoaned by Professor Dawkins (GDN, June 5) is better countered by the promotion of critical thinking and the imaginative openness of mind that eschews closed dogmatic certainties.
I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the criticisms directed at the unthinking and uninformed writing of Denise Robertson.
The short-sighted practices and the harrowing details of what happened at Mortonhall are laid bare in the 600-page report that shows staff were at best unthinking, at worst uncaring.
We don't know yet whether it as a deliberate provocation directed at the Moslem religion or an act of unthinking vandalism.
YOUR recent contributor extolling the virtues of the Lady of the Lamb Janet Cummings (Letters, December 31) displays a naivety all too common in the unthinking populace.
TO the unthinking brute who drove past me at the bus stop in Hightown, Wrexham this afternoon, leaned out the passenger window and cracked a vile joke, I offer you this insight into human nature.
This is really the most callous, despicable and unthinking form of present-giving - and receiving.
Lake Dojran was, the legend says, the result of her unthinking euphoria.
We should not think the Taliban are thick and unthinking.
The speed which this unthinking clown - sorry, enterprise minister - was forced into apology then resignation only shows the Tories' desperation.
Talk then turned to Sachsgate which Michael called "undeniably wrong" and added: "What he did defines him as being somebody who actually is unthinking and uncaring about people's feelings.
As an immigrant, I consider myself qualified to remind the author that the general expectation in this country is that newcomers to Canada come here with the intention of integrating into Canadian society, thus becoming Canadians (rather than the hyphenated Canadians that unthinking administrations often classify us as).