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She asked not to yield to provocations, to cool down emotions, to refrain from unthoughtful steps, which may lead to new casualties.
He said: "I am very deeply saddened that after eight hours of debate on a motion proposed by our bishops we are accused by some people of being unthoughtful and ungracious.
As the mother of a teenager with Down's Syndrome, Jenny Drewen has heard plenty of stupid and unthoughtful comments, but this really took the biscuit.
How can anyone be so cold-hearted, ignorant and unthoughtful to the needs of disabled people?
In a preamble to its statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded about the decisions made during the Soviet Union that resulted "in a gross intervention into the natural processes, unthoughtful use of water resources and cardinal change of the centuries-old flow of the Amudarya and the Syrdarya rivers.
Keomany's decision to drive drunk was a "horrible, reckless, careless, unthoughtful act.
Navy petty officer Alan, 24, branded the crew of the stricken cargo boat Green Lily "incompetent and unthoughtful.
Unthoughtful policy may pose a threat to the eco-system of the region, cause degradation of the processing industry, reduce effectiveness of irrigated farming, if one bears in mind that the most part of the population in the downstream areas of the Amudarya and the Syrdarya are farmers.
Harold Brookes-Baker, director of Burke's Peerage, said: "This is unthoughtful, unfair and ungentle-manly.
Beshimov said he would persuade the Kyrgyz not to make this unthoughtful decision of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Any unnecessary hectic and unthoughtful actions, panic may make the situation worse,\" Kurmanbek Bakiev said.