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Their mission leads them to pursue fieldwork aimed at publicising a greater understanding of the past; but their professional principles require them to refrain from digging unthreatened, 'non-endangered' sites and to do their best to keep any knowledge of them from being made public.
Omega Smart Super Critical is a blend of fish oils sourced from unthreatened, cold-water fish and is processed using an advanced C02 distillation process.
125-130: "Afterword: Ernest Hemingway and American Literature's Legacy of Environmental Disengagement: The Circular Trajectory of Environmental Openness in In Our Time:' [Argues that despite EH's concerns regarding the unsustainability of modern environmental policies, he creates a virginal territory, particularly in "Big Two-Hearted River" in which the natural world remains perpetually open and unthreatened.
burdened by high acquisition debt, or what Tribune did before it slipped into bankruptcy, or what even a private, unthreatened company like Cox Enterprises did in Atlanta and some of its other papers, not to mention unloading a raft of them.
Finally, despite the disadvantages of potential biases introduced by regression to the mean and the stigma confound, a significant advantage available to researchers of a failing school voucher program is the ready availability of an exogenous policy shift that creates a sample of threatened and unthreatened schools.
The ability to operate freely, unthreatened by adversaries seeking to track and target them or interfere with their communications, that the U.
Even in real businesses, execution as learning will deliver better business performance rather than mere flawless execution (Edmondson 2008) and simulation games with learning in an unthreatened environment will deliver that learning as students are executing and managing several business processes.
Furthermore, he referred herein to a "weird contradiction" by the Arab League in that it failed to take any move in defense of the Libyan people while it sent armies to aid an unthreatened regime in Bahrain.
They wanted a place to call their own to hang around with mates, where they can feel comfortable and unthreatened.
On balance they've been a delightful addition to life in that office environment, their only none-too-subtle demand on the building's cohabiters being that their offspring must stay safe and unthreatened.
He had an advantage of around ten lengths at one point and, although Droopys Djokovic did erode the lead on the final circuit, was unthreatened in scoring by almost six from that rival in 56.
Its only when the people of South Sudan feel unthreatened by the Arab expansionism that the region can see peace.