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There were heart-wrenching moments, like Julius Koller's Glass Clean Water (Idea-Object), 1964; and anarchic ones, such as Bernard Bazile's demystification of Piero Manzoni's Merda d'artista (Artist's Shit), 1961, with a can opener in his Boite ouverte de Piero Manzoni (Open Can by Piero Manzoni), 1989; and just plain messy ones, like the crumpled-up paper scattered about untidily in Sanja Ivekovic's 40 Pages of ENAR Report on Racism in Austria, 2009.
I had assumed [Lawrence] was one of the military officers sent over and was a little astonished when a small, untidily dressed and most unmilitary figure strolled up to me .
Morrisons also had one out-of-stock item and some of its frozen lines were untidily presented.
Reflecting the greater book that inspired it, Blue's book bursts untidily with wisdom and life.
The home side rallied and Brown sealed the win after the break when he untidily toe-poked his second goal of the season following a goalmouth scramble to all but end Burnley's play-off hopes.
At least as valuable is its implicit portrait of an honest, intelligent scholar at work reconciling her faith, albeit untidily and imperfectly, with what she might not want to call reason.
The second half began untidily and Rovers did nothing in particular to merit a second goal on 64 minutes.
Chasetown did flurry forward again, though, McNaughton untidily dealing with the danger as Steane threatened 10 minutes from the break.
She was tall and thin with abundant red hair which she wore untidily and was by nature extremely reclusive.
Most uncouth in appearance, slovenly and untidily dressed in loose clothes that never fitted, unable to manage his h's, and devoid of all sense of personal comfort--he burned gas in the fireplaces instead of coal or wood--the whilom bootmaker ate his cutlets from Sevres china, sipped his '48 claret from Venetian glass, Bouchers and Fragonards studded his wall and Gouthiere cabinets stood round his room.
and after waiting a considerable time a little plebean looking woman came in huddled up untidily in a shawl, her tumbled hair tumbled into that resort for lazy people, a net.
paper, cardboard and other flammable materials strewn untidily around