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Where soils are compacted but subject to erosion, strip tillage is a good compromise because crops can be planted efficiently and grow well in the loosened soil of the tilled strips while the untilled portions of the field conserve soil and water and control weeds.
It was sold to farmers in combination with Roundup so the crop could be planted directly into untilled soil with no follow-up cultivation.
These Red Sox are writing new franchise history, plowing previously untilled soil.
Whether it's down the block or around the world, smart nonprofit managers are leading the sector to plow untilled soil.
But as much as there is in this novel, there is also a good amount of untilled earth.
One field was 'strip tilled' with nitrogen fertilizer placed in a band in the soil, while another field was left untilled with a surface application of nitrogen fertilizer.
Writing in 1938, thirteen years after Barren Ground and at the height of the Depression scandal over farm tenancy, Glasgow anxiously distinguishes between her "land poor" yeoman families--who had "owned, and had always owned, every foot of the impoverished soil which they tilled, or left untilled, on their farms"--and the "shiftless class of sharecropper or 'poor white'" (Certain 156).
At first while the puer is still in his cradle, the untilled soil produces 'small gifts' (4.
The Untilled Garden: Natural History and the Spirit of Conservation in America, 1740-1840, by Richard W.
The group took charge of the nice chunk of chest-high grassland two years ago, under the auspices of the Eugene nonprofit Huerto de la Familia - "the family garden" in Spanish - and, with a lot of advice, grants and elbow grease, transformed the rich soil, which qualified as organic after being untilled and unspoiled for more than 40 years, into the largest plot of organic black cap raspberries in Oregon.
There is a second issue that Carpenter touches upon but leaves largely untilled.
It is no surprise, then, to find one chapter devoted to the more or less untilled furrow of music videos, while another deals with the almost obligatory figure of Ken Russell, maverick maker of arts documentaries and permanent thorn in the side of the more staid members of the BBC hierarchy.