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However, Mayweather has untiringly denied having such talks about a mega fight between him and the Filipino fighter.
He wrote, "The Church is missionary in order to proclaim untiringly that God is Father, filled with love for all mankind"; and in reflection on entrance into the kingdom, John Paul quoted the Gospel, saying "not by crying 'Lord, Lord,' but by doing the will of the Father, his Father 'who is in heaven' (Mt 7:21).
95)); and a generalized, vague longing, a desire for desire that is somehow linked above all to the sea ("'I am desire", said the sea, "I crave all, insatiably I long, untiringly I hold'" (p.
Rice has been the staple food of Japan, and in order to create better quality rice; farmers have continued to innovate untiringly.
It has become a member of the family, telling its stories patiently, compellingly, untiringly.
He added that the moment was a renewal of an abiding commitment, to work continuously and untiringly, towards exploring new vistas for cooperation between the two countries.
Simon untiringly emphasizes the need for openness and dialogue in a pluralistic, democratic, and industrial society and attempts to define a maintainable notion of authority in the network of complicated human relations in a contemporary setting.
I wish to pay my respects to Dr Rogers who gave untiringly to ATMS over many years as our longest serving President.
It is the duty of men and women to work towards this goal untiringly.
Rehman said Grossman and his colleagues worked untiringly to bolster US-Pakistan relations, especially when relations between both nations were at the lowest ebb.
As an expert on government and enterprise business solutions, customer-centric ZTE has been untiringly adjusting itself in an effort to meet the ever-changing customer needs.
When the government ordered the expulsion of a Salvadorian woman and her Canadian-born child, she untiringly contacted politicians until they were allowed to stay in Montreal.