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In front of a packed crowd of entertainment and technology leaders at the Untitled Entertainment annual Tradigital event in Los Angeles last night, Jason Newman, Senior Manager of Untitled, made the announcements to the excited audience.
Not surprisingly, however, as O'Mara has made light, both natural and artificial, the subject of her work in other venues, Untitled (ceiling) is illuminated dramatically.
Hans Hofmann, Untitled, 1932, ink on paper, 8 1/2 X 11 inches, A/Y #1680.
The untitled Haiku are equal to free verse in effect:
sold an untitled memoir about racial identity, to Scott Moyers at Penguin Press, by Frank R.
Even with a program closer of 1975's Untitled, Durham audiences saw the least predictable Pilobolus concert in recent years a sign of changes in progress and.
CBS has untitled projects about a family man living next to his parents (wait - isn't that ``Everybody Loves Raymond''?
Untitled, Self-Portrait, 1986: A rare Polaroid self-portrait, this photo is indicative of the depth of John's collection.
Titled "The Untitled Dakota Fanning Project, aka Hounddog" by Sundance, this drama is set in the 1960s American South.
The “Future Legends” section presents The Untitled Magazine's predictions of the most promising talent of the new generation across fashion, film and music.
This show left one wanting more; Untitled (Onkel) (Untitled [Uncle'), 1965, would have benefitted from juxtaposition with other portraits, to say nothing of Lueg's late efforts with glow-in-the-dark paint.
In the news release, Korn's New Album 'Untitled' Set for July 31 Release, issued earlier today by Capitol Music Group over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the headline should read, "Korn's New Untitled Album Set for July 31," rather than "Korn's New Album 'Untitled' Set for July 31 Release," as originally issued inadvertently.