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There remains untorn by the idolater no more than the breadth of my fingernail.
In addition to Hawaiian shirts, the ministry has approved wearing polo shirts and untorn jeans at work.
Gavin claims that "Nancy is going to die tomorrow morning to postulate: that little children, as long as they are little children, shall be intact, unanguished, untorn, unterrified" (615), but Nancy's unexamined, stubborn belief functions to restore her, not the child she murdered and certainly not that child's brother (Polk, Faulkner's Requiem 141), to that state of wholeness.
Admission: Suggested donation of $3 and one clean, untorn blanket; homeless get in free
With limbs untorn, with head unsmitten, with senses unimpaired by despair, we know what we ourselves might have been on the rack, on the scaffold, and in the most afflicting circumstances of distress .
For those who must have a more mainstream salad to start, there's a simple play on Caesar with untorn leaves of crisp romaine ($9), slivers of parmesan and the tartness and crunch of anchovy toast.