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There they can happily and untraceably file the filth on the great and good straight to The Gutter.
Not surprisingly, Jansch also offers guitar work on the Warm Inventions' ``Butterfly Mornings,'' a recording that at times blends untraceably into the Rain Parade-Opal-Mazzy Star triumvirate.
He'd blow it up with M-80s; sell it to the first organ grinder he happened across; hire a swarthy hit man to whack it; stab it with a stalactite from the eaves of the garage, then let the weapon melt untraceably away.
Ashbery does not, untraceably at least, leave himself or his homosexuality out of his poems.
Every discourse and act of speech can be read as a rhizomic-chaotic flash, as the untraceably congealed trail of articulated differences and equivalences, as an imaginary coherence of incoherences or incoherence of coherences.
If a malicious party finds a flaw that allows decrypting of that traffic, a stream of credit card numbers that is, for all intents and purposes, infinite can be untraceably obtained.