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Security authorities have received intelligence information which assert that armed groups will use untraditional means in their attacks on civilians and security elements," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
This has brought about an opportunity to employ untraditional fabrics (synthetic suede, for example), to create a host of varying surfaces textures and looks, according to Precision Textiles.
Online games and marketing campaigns are starting to take on the new untraditional market.
For educators, policy makers, parents, and the public, Hettleman, an education policy analyst who has served as deputy mayor for education and as a school board member in Baltimore, challenges conventional wisdom about K-12 education in the US, particularly for poor children, and provides an untraditional prescription for reform that focuses on the classroom.
She said "I know that the word 'homosexuality' was removed from the law but, at the same time, you are not allowed to distribute information about single-sex marriages, for example, and about other untraditional family values.
He added that the homeland is facing a number of challenges in different economic and political levels, noting that addressing these challenges demands untraditional methods.
The officials said that the current economic crisis drove both governments to identify untraditional markets that can lead to growth of both investment and trade," the statement read.
HANS Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen opens at Liverpool's Unity tonight, continuing the Hope Place theatre's 21-year history of telling traditional stories in untraditional ways.
Both traditional and untraditional viewpoints and camera shots are included in a survey on how to gain the most using minimal specialized equipment, offering new ways of using lenses and discovering unconventional subjects to photograph.
The production is based on Hans Christian Anderson''s original story of The Snow Queen - but told in a untraditional way.
It is probably true that there are those unimpressed at the untraditional way Plaid went about selecting candidates for the Lords, although it is more likely to be senior civil servants rather than the Prime Minister, who presumably does not devote many of his waking hours to whether Plaid should be in the Lords or not.
My mom went back to school when she was 40, so I had an untraditional upbringing in that way.