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Mark said: "I also ended up with four brown mice as well simply because I couldn't resist them, but the first white mouse was untrainable.
However, it is a fact that because of the racist policies of white supremacist South African regimes, there is, even after ten years of political freedom, a very small pool of skilled labour and a large percentage of virtually untrainable people as the result of the ravages of Bantu and other tribalised education policies during the apartheid era.
To him, the steed is dangerous, untrainable, worthless.
51) Pennsylvania was typical of most states in excusing a school district from educating a child if the child is deemed "uneducable and untrainable.
Bred to be top-class on the Flat, the winner was bought cheaply out of John Hammond's stable, having proved all but untrainable in his younger days.
If you really think you're so untrainable or clumsy that you can't off-safe a gun like this, get the decocker-only version, or a double action only "slickslide" variation with no lever at all.
But having seen it for the first time on DVD, I found his attempt to add historic perspective to the story of Seabiscuit - a horse that was dismissed countless times in its early career as too small, too slow or simply untrainable - gave it a context that resonated throughout the film.
These experiments were mainly used to test the hypothesis that a large imbalance between the number of inputs and outputs produced untrainable networks (previously described).
By contrast, Brackett found Indians sullen and relatively untrainable due to their "proud" and reserved natures (628).
Fresh-picked wildflowers stuffed into one of our wheel-thrown, wood-fired stoneware vases often adorn the bar, as does our naughty untrainable kitten, Langston.
And for all their intelligence, they are virtually untrainable.
Hooper cites Fordyce, who labels the sparrow `notoriously dowdy and stiff feathered', a practically untrainable creature having none of the qualities of a pet.