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And for all their intelligence, they are virtually untrainable.
P8: If a leader negatively stereotypes a minority subordinate and attributes subordinate failure to lack of ability, the leader will either attempt to train the minority subordinate to make him/her cognizant of the leader's goals, or consider the subordinate untrainable and dismiss him/her.
The author states that for persons considered untrainable, that "demonstration of successful laboratory training of complex skills, such as word-processing, data-entry, and database management, increase the likelihood of securing community assistance and involvement in finding appropriate jobs for persons with brain injuries.
The success of implementing desktop publishing will be mitigated by the relative success of cross-training efforts, where staff are indeed willing and trainable; the need (and political pressure) to accommodate or make allowances for tenured but untrainable (or unwilling) incumbents; the inclination to replace the untrainable and unwilling with the trainable and willing; the impulse to create "new" positions and recruit competent staff who have the right combination of skills; and the eventuality of recruiting a true desktop publishing professional to make the system perform as intended.
If it did, ESP might be trainable because subjects might be taught to discriminate extrasensory from nonextrasensory cues, despite skepticism by some parapsychologists of the Rhineian school who felt that ESP should be untrainable because of its being unconscious.
The price was way below market value, partly because Renauld struck up a friendship with the seller and partly because the horse had a vicious streak and had been untrainable.
A dog's behaviour depends on how they are brought up, a little like children and yes, like people, some will be unpredictable and untrainable.
They're irritating, obnoxious, aloof, dismissive, untrainable, unreasonable and unfathomable.
Sometimes such dogs turn out to be untrainable, a rogue strain that even the stern demands of the late Barbara Woodhouse could not tame.
Several professional dog trainers have labeled Cyrus as untrainable and he is presently seeing a doggy therapist.
Ben, now starring in the BBC costume drama Aristocrats, said: "Leopards are the worst animals of all to work with because they are untrainable.