untrained individual

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An untrained officer or untrained individual may just squeeze the trigger and spray bullets until they're out of ammunition.
In a small law firm, security is the responsibility of a sometimes untrained individual, explains attorney Bruce Dorner.
How can an untrained individual, or organization that doesn't provide training, claim competency in any technology-based business that depends on attention by knowledgeable personnel to the details of the design, materials and processes with which they are dealing everyday?
Beck appointed an unqualified and untrained individual to supervise Biremis' AML compliance program and Biremis failed to provide adequate AML training to employees.
They're able to extract more oxygen from their blood than an untrained individual would," he added.
It can also be seen from this figure that since the untrained individual (Green) displays much greater negative accelerations (anterior decelerations), this individual is wasting energy slowing down with each stride cycle, which would then require a subsequent acceleration to maintain the same speed as the more highly trained runners.
These easy to use kits allow even the untrained individual to respond until professional help arrives.
The drug will be offered in an auto-injector to make it easier for untrained individuals to administer the drug in the event of an overdose.
Specifically, the action barred unpaid and untrained individuals from acting on behalf of the tiny credit union, which has $84,000 in assets and one employee.
Jung Yungham (2002) and Klapcinska (2001) reported higher increment of mentioned enzymes in untrained people compared with trained individuals and suggested that one reason for this observation could be lack of adaptation to exercise in untrained individuals [5.
TNA was not there to prevent legislation from passing that would limit nursing practice or allow untrained individuals to perform nursing functions.
Single-set programs for an initial short training period in untrained individuals generally result in similar strength gains as multiple-set programs.