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Starting from the natural, inalienable and untransferable right of the Serb people to self-determination on the basis of which that people, as any other free and sovereign people, independently decides on its political and State status and secures its economic, social and cultural development; Respecting the centuries-long struggle of the Serb people for freedom and State independence; Expressing the determination of the Serb people to create its democratic State based on social justice, the rule of law, respect for human dignity, freedom and equality; Taking the natural and democratic right, will and determination of the Serb people from Republika Srpska into account to link its State completely and tightly with other States of the Serb people.
Policy wonks give little recognition to the fact that the Tocquevillian model is untransferable to and unworkable in many parts of the world due to ethnohistorical legacies and the absence of a democratic tradition.
As Wray and Medwell point out: `Discussion of language forms without taking into account purpose and meaning produces only the dry, untransferable knowledge which has too often resulted in the past from grammar exercises' (1991: p.
These are quite literally factual and worldly entities, bound and therefore untransferable.
The more a player is considered untransferable, the more likely it is that they will change teams.