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The power of the untranslatable lies in the nature of words and their relationship (or lack of relationship) to one another; to understand what they "mean" in different contexts requires a close knowledge of source and target cultures that seems markedly absent from contemporary translation practice, which has tended to flatten out words and phrase in order to render them palatable to the Anglo-American tradition with its emphasis on common sense.
Always singular and irreplaceable, these laws or injunctions remain untranslatable from one to the other, from some to others, from one language to another, but that makes them no less universal.
Does his neologizing and anti-grammatical treatment of Carroll's self-contained nonsense result in a critically untranslatable, and therefore clinically incurable, hermetic idiolect?
When language becomes a site of restriction and policing, Dalgarno explains, "the subject seizes upon the untranslatable as a signal to bring her history to light" (68).
In this CD focus on Quebec's Printemps erable (an untranslatable play on Printemps arabe, the French phrase for Arab Spring), we invited people who have all been intensely involved in the movement in various capacities--as students and teachers, scholars and journalists, Lawyers and activists--to offer our readers an insider's understanding of the ideals and analyses that guided the students, and also to capture something of the spirit of this historic moment.
Stamper explained that the word, a translation of the German ohrwurm, surfaced in English in the late '80s as a way to describe untranslatable words.
There are some things that are untranslatable," he said, "I've spoken to professors of Kashmiri and haven't found a way to do it.
GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington HOI POLLOI One may wonder why Southerners persist with peculiar pronunciation, even ponder the provenance of this almost untranslatable manifestation.
While Coma is valuable as a foreword to its author's major work, which by all accounts is untranslatable, one worries its standalone value may not be great; in its demanding description of his demanding work, it sometimes feels like the consolation prize for those of us who lack the French to read the work whose creation it describes.
Actually, I think it translates easily enough into homesickness or a longing for home, but perhaps having an (allegedly) untranslatable word for this feeling shows just how seriously the Welsh take being homesick.
Yet the acme of Zanzotto's achievement is the very singularity of his idiom, and one watches in awe as he builds a language at once untranslatable and universal in its "artful earth-flesh," forcing his translators to transcribe and footnote: "Topinambur / to to torotorotix / augellini lilix / distant insects of / waspified yellow / Uryellow lilix.
In a video installation titled, "The Mute Tongue, 19 Short Video Scenes of 19 Arabic Proverbs and Sayings on 19 Monitors," various proverbs, including some seemingly untranslatable phrases such as "he is cold but he farts blankets" and "he's even confused by his own balls" are acted out silently and to hilarious effect on camera.