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For, as Derrida (1992:258) suggests, it is specifically that which is untranslatable which calls for translation; and, "a translation never succeeds in the pure and absolute sense of the term.
But that doesn't make the poem untranslatable for anyone else.
The poems in Uljana Wolf's loose abecedarian DICHTionary (a word-play which inserts into the English word "dictionary" the German word for poetry, Dichtung) take place squarely between languages, and would seem, were it not for Susan Bernofsky's skill, untranslatable.
She brings together Levi's statements on the inherent difficulties of translating and also of being translated, and then relates these remarks to the challenge Levi and all survivors of trauma face when they try to convey their nearly untranslatable experiences to the rest of us.
It is easy to categorize what Je me souviens is not: it is not poetic, though it shares with the poetic the property of being untranslatable, of being what remains when everything else has been translated; not evocative, since the commission of an impressionistic evocation has been left to the reader; not sociological, since it is unstatistical, intrinsically subjective, and almost aleatory in its choices; not, pace Perec himself, "anthropological," since wholly unanalytical and unfetishistic; and, even if, as I said above, subjective, somehow not really "personal," since Perec is at pains, precisely, to objectify the personal, to retain a heroically self-negating neutrality of tone.
Polish-born British novelist Conrad (1857-1924) is generally considered anti-German and untranslatable, but his works were translated into German and embraced by generations of German readers during the Wiemar Republic and secretly during the Third Reich.
17) Yet, reflections on translation are not relegated to the bottom of the page; rather, the texts upon which Derrida focuses (the "coupled pretexts," as he calls them), Shelley's poem and Blanchot's 1948 narrative L'arret du mort [Death Sentence], are at once untranslatable and he will claim--despite their historical, geographic, and formal differences, and despite the fact that their titles and topoi are apparently opposed--mutually translating.
Moreover, the completeness of a "collected poems" leaves no room for the discreet omission of the forgettable or untranslatable.
The instructions Jesus gives to the seventy as he prepares to send them out may seem at first to be a strange relic of the first century, entirely untranslatable into our world.
The 'hiraeth' site, named after the untranslatable sense of longing for Wales, is the brainchild of Robert Jones, of Rhymney, Caerphilly.
Finally, to understand what New Yorkers are talking about (tawkinabow), any newcomer unfamiliar with Basic Yinglish will need to take a crash course to grasp such classic locutions as shlep (to lug, carry), kvetch (complain, whine), shmuck (a dope, jerk, in Yiddish a penis), shmeer (to spread or a spread), and oy (an untranslatable exclamation that Leo Rosten describes as not a word but a vocabulary).
Linguistic problems, such as the almost untranslatable "Dans le vif des oeuvres" for one of the subsections of the 1992 interviews, are dealt with effectively; in this case the phrase is simply omitted (p.