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It was as wide and straight as a city street, yet it seemed untraveled.
Jordan said he understands how the current construction can be a nuisance--Garland Avenue is a fine example of a road best untraveled during busy times of the day--but said people will just have to be patient.
Well, no cash prizes, anyway; it's hard to place a value on three to four weeks of cycling through some of the most remote, untraveled and breathtakingly beautiful areas in the western United States.
With a tenure at Centel Media only months old, Cola has taken the company to new heights, navigating over untraveled waters in search of ways to lift Centel Media above the competition.
Deborah Madison, in her excellent seasonal cookbook Local Flavors, remarks that these "quintessential fruits of summer" should always be "tree-ripened and untraveled.
Projects in which students become active creators rather than passive consumers of art open untraveled roads between our present and the worlds of the past, enabling access to imagination and as-yet-to-be-realized possibility.
An intermediate position absent from the story is future symbiosis: the human-machine creature capable of traveling an evolutionary road previously closed to us--not just less traveled, but untraveled altogether.
Taken together, The Times coverage provides a telling glimpse of just how much an author like Conrad might reasonably have assumed his untraveled English readers would already have known about the Congo in the late 1890s.
As I accepted the role of the ISNA president in October of 2011, I was unaware that I began a journey down an untraveled path.
There, on the first floor, sat those nine, untraveled objects, like a coda, an elegy to a time that, one hopes, has long passed.
in following its own recently issued guidelines, the Justice Department may not soon start down untraveled roads, recognizing the waning of American racism.