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I was certainly naive - in Beth Israel Hospital, I didn't understand why there was no butter for the bread when there was meat for dinner - but so were they, and they were untraveled as well.
On a less transcendent level I think that the decision to write without a predetermined structure, this time, responded to Osman Lins's literary restlessness, to his need to renew himself with each novel, always seeking for himself untraveled paths.
If the saved dollars continue to flow to NASA, but at a rate that will not support Astronaut antics and Mickey Mouse laboratory experiments, perhaps genuine space scientists--typified by teams at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena who shepherded dozens of robot craft across billions of miles of hitherto untraveled space to land on or to view close-up every planet except Pluto--will get a chance to show the world what "Across the Space Frontier" really means.
Explore the vicinity of camp for public bike trails and untraveled back roads.
While post-Iniki visitor numbers should increase this summer along with local construction traffic, the stretch of road beyond Hanalei should remain comparatively untraveled.
Clearly, numerous avenues of cellular manufacturing design research remain untraveled.
This approach is not typical with eBooks so it was something of an untraveled road initially.
That Italy you think so near, with ports You think to enter, ignorant as you are, Lies far, past far lands, by untraveled ways.
9) Although she has memorized the Bible, a script based on "eastern" stories that dominate the Christian "west" (and have also scattered the globe), Parker's wife remains untraveled, provincial, far more parochial than either Parker or the story's narrator, who has a good sense of the "Western" history carried on Parker's back in the form of a Byzantine Christ--that other East that blossoms in this story, making it a tale not only of the multivalent South but of the South as it encounters multiple orientations and Orients.
She wants to feel what she sees now," Graham says of one of her female avatars in "History," reversing the syntax but preserving the spirit of what Ralph Touchett tells - "You want to see but not to feel" - the untraveled and naive Isabel Archer in Henry James' Portrait of a Lady.
the Trinities In their wild seclusion, the Trinity Alps were once little known--almost untraveled except by determined outdoorsmen.