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FACTFILE: Untravelled Paths offers a fournight package holiday to the Ice Hotel Romania from just pounds 360pp.
We argue that this 'outside-in' view of what student leadership identity is leaves the research terrain from the students' perspective largely untravelled.
To the Argus the sheer scale of the building would allow untravelled, young colonists to be introduced to the sights of Europe without having to leave Victoria's shores.
This 'probably appeared strange and unaccountable to many of our untravelled playgoers'.
14) The peasants who inhabit places like Raveloe are suspicious of the unfamiliar, mistrustful of anyone who comes from outside, and barely able to grasp the idea of travel: 'to their untravelled thought a state of wandering was a conception as dim as the winter life of swallows that came back with the spring; and even a settler, if he came from distant parts, hardly ever ceased to be viewed with a remnant of distrust' (p.
It sent the country down untravelled paths, transformed security policies and practices, and soured relations with the Soviet Union at a time when peace was on Canadians' minds.
When word began to spread of his passing, many people who had known Deloria or whose lives had been changed by his work and his works took time to remember and mourn a great man, celebrating his many achievements and regretting that the road ahead he'd set for himself will now remain untravelled.
Lister has a few big names to come back, and by his own admission the kennel is just returning to top form after a quiet spell, but you can be sure that Wallis will leave no stone unturned, and no mile untravelled, in his quest to crown his first year at the helm with the ultimate accolade for his profession.
Bibliophiles too young or untravelled to recall the glorious days when more than 30 second-hand and antiquarian bookstores lined New York City's Fourth Avenue between Astor Place and Union Square, spread along side streets, and up Broadway, will nonetheless find Book Row an enchanting invocation of some of the book world's most famous ghosts.
Many silences have accumulated through centuries of map making, and blank spaces of untravelled regions kept appearing in maps, often hidden by huge, frightening animals as in Cornelius de Jode's Nova Guinea [Fig.
He's an untravelled leader from a redneck state with a simplistic view of foreign affairs.
Mr Bush was famously untravelled before his arrival in the Oval Office and Mr Blair cannot be far off visiting more countries in this one whirlwind week than the leader of the United States superpower notched up before his inauguration.