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Untrodden Ground: How Presidents Interpret the Constitution.
With its walls of native woods fresh from the forest, its rustic framed window, Gothic doorway, and overhanging eaves fringed with moss; its balconies of naturally and curiously carved roots and limbs, and its numerous reminiscences of the untrodden forest, it forms one of the most interesting, if not the most instructive buildings on the grounds.
The Minister said that the officers and staff of the Survey of India have to pioneer untrodden lands for others to follow and build upon.
Bruff's book, Untrodden Ground: How Presidents Interpret the Constitution, is a must read for those interested in understanding the myriad dynamics that shape presidents' impact on constitutional interpretation.
Even as a fairly seasoned reader and teacher of poetry, I found quite a lot here which was new to me as well as much which is comfortingly familiar which makes it ideal for young readers to whom most of the material will be untrodden ground.
Importantly, he reminds readers that the Western desire for first ascents and untrodden wilderness is an unsustainable approach to tourism, and its benefits, in mountain regions.
I shivered inside as I watched the brown leaf settle on the untrodden snow.
T]he great forest on the eastern slope of the village teemed with wild game and the mountains to the north were untrodden by man,' he wrote.
The Championship may be an as-of-yet untrodden path for Benitez, but the former Liverpool boss' obsession with information, detail and with preparedness means he knows the challenges the second tier will throw his way.
That, as well as the region the exhibit focuses on, charts untrodden ground, said Netto.
Demurrage under UAE law remains in relatively untrodden territory.
This may lead you down untrodden paths but it could also take you to a place where you are meant to be.