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Untrodden Ground advances a careful central thesis, which has several sensible corollaries.
In quoting line 5 from William Wordsworth's Song [She dwelt among th' untrodden ways], I refer to William Wordsworth: The Major Works, ed.
The vibe inside the untrodden defensive meeting room hasn't changed much.
She Dwelt among Ungoldy Ways (after "She Dwelt among Untrodden Ways" by William Wordsworth) She dwelt among ungodly ways Without a bar of Dove Or any other soap, and thus She had no one to love; A stinkweed by a mossy stone Half hidden from the nose
Every dirty trick was used; they left no perverse or deviant path untrodden.
Maybe it is time your family ventured into the untrodden.
Nevertheless, distinctive characteristics of Maderna, such as his tireless creative individuality, his search for untrodden musical soil, and his faith in continuity of musical history, are already evident.
With her characteristic wit, Toksvig also travels down the largely untrodden path of Twitter, Facebook and other twenty-first century etiquette.
The liminal is an alluring critical territory to explore, but it is hardly untrodden, as the number of theorists Conneely musters who describe states of being between places, identities, and cultures make plain.
Other fields detail additional information about the untrodden object or site.
In our journeying on the paths as yet untrodden, in ventures of which we cannot see the ending, (2) we are called to wait--as were Abram and Sarai--with expectation.
For many family planning centers, that is untrodden ground: In 2010, only 40% had a contract with a health plan to provide contraceptive services to Medicaid enrollees, and only 33% had a contract with a private health plan.