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In support of the prime minister's hostility towards Hizmet, many pro-government newspapers -- some of which were bought by businessmen under specific orders from Erdoy-an in return for contracts in tenders, if leaked tapes are true -- have published untruthful stories about the movement and GE-len.
Out of 20 Sender messages from a past session of this experiment, with identical payment options, X (= Y%) were UNTRUTHFUL and (20 - X) (= [100 - Y]%) were TRUTHFUL.
They've now been severely reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority for a catalogue of untruthful ads, all of them trotted out despite earlier warnings from the watchdog.
They readily admit that he was untruthful, deceptive and reckless and used poor judgment.
For some reason people thought I was being untruthful about that.
Singer pointed out a jury instruction that says that if a witness is thought to be untruthful in one part of his testimony, that witness's entire testimony can be discarded.
He sneers at media coverage highlighting safety fears on our railways, branding it "appalling, hostile and untruthful.
Which is not quite the same as worrying about the portrayal being untruthful.
who did most of the talking, said he and the Bleilers were inclined not to believe much of what Lewinsky told them because they consider her untruthful.
Lord Marnoch said earlier this week: "It gives me no pleasure to record that seven officers gave untruthful evidence.
The details about the terms of the loan were still being vetted Thursday by the ethics committee, which demanded the $300,000 as reimbursement for expenses it incurred as a result of contradictory and untruthful information Gingrich submitted to the panel in 1995 and 1996.
He said: "Seven officers were prepared to give untruthful evidence.