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As a Unitarian minister himself he marveled at how those eloquent if untutored black preachers held sway over their camp meetings.
Outsider Art' is an =satisfactory term that pushes its untutored creators into the margins.
Our palates were untutored to Portuguese cuisine, but our hunger was familiar.
Some of the teapots, that look tiny and plain to the untutored eye, are actually a cultural legacy.
Prefer children of military families go untutored in the faith?
In Angustia, Roche finds that instead of an untutored note-taker, Ramos is a sophisticated tracer of speech, Rocha finds further clues amongst the bulls and goats, "lullabying" modernist sublation, and the death of the poet becoming the birth of the domestic voice.
There's also a quartet of individual ice cream cones with wasabi, black sesame and ginger flavours, all of which to the untutored ice cream palette may sound pretty dreadful but were delicious and acted as a perfect end to what was an exceptional dining experience.
This manoeuvre limits drag so effectively that, to the untutored eye, the AC72 appears to be flying at a speed of 40 knots, twice as fast as the wind.
The semiliterate writing that gives Adventures of Huckleberry Finn its "vernacular vision"--wrapping cultural critique in ostensibly innocent transgressions and misunderstandings--has a counterpart in the apparently untutored drawing style and social critique seen in The Simpsons, Lynda Barry's comics, and The Boondocks.
This beautifully ebullient piece follows five children straying unsupervised through the streets of Rome, racing through parks and skipping across scrappy, undeveloped land before sneaking into a locked school, where they begin to make their own untutored art--a selection of which was displayed in combination with the film--imagining an entirely undisciplined way of seeing and experiencing the city.
It could hand the mass media another opportunity to pillory horseracing and make life very difficult for its friends in the RSPCA, who do their best to reconcile the perceptions of an untutored public with the realities of the sport.
IATTENDED the performance of the Mega-Messiah concert in the Cardiff Opera House on November 6, which I judged to be superlative, to my untutored ear.