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Flanders describes the procedure as follows: "The dog will be anesthetized, and the surgeon will open the abdomen, decompress the stomach, and then untwist it by hand back to its normal position.
When this happens you can help untwist them by carefully lifting them out of their gland with a small diameter punch (old ejector pins work nicely) and rotating the punch around the cavity several times.
To use, untwist one end, dump the cells and reinstall in the correct order and then turn it on.
The Lok-n-Flow head and cartridge assembly makes changing tubing simple: untwist the hood's locking mechanism, replace the tube cartridge, and snap the lock back into place.
I bring up Spanish Mass because, for Catholics, the liturgy offers a perfect way to tune the ear and untwist the tongue.
Panduit's new MINI-COM TX-5 Jack Module features the GIGA-TX termination method, which speeds installation and reduces conductor untwist to provide superior performance.
Untwist the wire cage but do not remove it (some experts remove the wire cage).
instead of absorbing those torsional energies, drive shafts will attempt to untwist, reacting like springs.
For me, the monthly hair ritual consist, of rising early to untwist my thick, "awfully curly" (one woman's description) tresses.
Victoria Cilliers, 40, told police she tried to untwist the tangled chute "to get some sort of control over it then it went black".
Heated shaker table tests can produce the basic "bench data," but do not include the effects of centrifugal loads (strain gradients, untwist, blade/rotor interaction etc), critical drivers of blade behavior.
When the manager of the opposition takes the full-back of after about 20 minutes to untwist his blood, you know your winger is having a decent start to his game