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When this happens you can help untwist them by carefully lifting them out of their gland with a small diameter punch (old ejector pins work nicely) and rotating the punch around the cavity several times.
Mistake Five: Pausing for an interminable 15-minute silence after your interviewer has asked if you have any questions -- only to untwist your tongue long enough to reply, "There is the bathroom?
This new twist on controlling the incredibly small, developed by physicists at The University of Texas at Arlington, will give scientists the ability to skillfully manipulate single cells for cancer research, twist and untwist individual strands of DNA, and perform many other functions where microscopic precision is essential.
She is seen dressed in a smart fuchsia dress and knotted pearls - then happily allowing the sisters to untwist her long blonde hair from a bun and cut it back.
Left and right hand yarns rotate in opposite directions when electrically charged, but in both cases the effect of charging is to partially untwist the yarn.
He was faced with the prospect of having an operation to cut and untwist his femur.
When you twist the connector clockwise the hose attached to the connector also twists and tends to immediately untwist, unscrewing the connector.
Simply screw a light clip to the end of the pole--which has a 16-foot reach--position the light where desired, untwist the clip, then move on to the next space until the strand is complete.
Twist the string to shorten it, untwist it to lengthen it.
The only way I was able to untwist it was by hooking my ice axe on to my boot's lace and ease my leg towards me.
Particularly fun is to decode doublespeak, to untwist the obfuscating word use often favored by those in power.