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This holds for the Langlands duals of untwisted affine root systems (and type [A.
Untwisted seems to have forgotten (or perhaps not have understood) that humans are animals too and (as scientifically proven) not all that far removed in DNA/intelligence from animals such as Chimps and Dolphins.
Another significant difference is seen in FIGURE 2, where the contrasts between a twisted fiber bundle and the more advanced untwisted yarn are highlighted.
The yarns covered by these duty free exemptions include yarns of synthetic textile fibres solely of aromatic polyamides obtained by the polycondensation of m-phenylenediamine and isophthalic acid; non-textured filament yarn of poly(vinyl alcohol); yarn wholly of poly(glycollic acid); synthetic filament yarn, single, untwisted, wholly of poly(thio-1,4-phenylene); some polyamide yarns of crimpable bicomponent filaments consisting of poly(hexamethylene adipamide) with a copolyamide, for making knee-length stockings, women's stockings and panty hose (tights).
Parachuting occurs when the untwisted string fibers spread apart on the shot, creating more air drag on the string, and thus slowing the shot.
Check that the ribbons are taut, untwisted, and tacked firmly before trimming off the excess.
I've heard that twisted pair and untwisted, flat internal cables are LVD cables.
By the time the last twist has been untwisted by the awfully clever Travolta - best described as a Poirot with boots on - we've quite forgotten the real point of it all.
Get your underwear drawer sorted and your knickers untwisted and you'll feel like a new woman, and with a handful of clever purchases you should look like one too.
As workmen untwisted a tangled one, a veteran's voice rang out: "Don't bother.
After the fabric is finished, it is untwisted, spread flat for drying and curing, then dyed.
There is a "world dimensional for those untwisted by the love of things irreconcilable.