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2 When g is of untwisted type, M [congruent to] [Q.
To be perfectly honest, my big knickers (label says size 16, but they're at least a 20) are decidedly untwisted.
The fabric consists on alternate untwisted fascicles of kevlar and carbon filaments as warp and fills and is of simple type and was covered with a thin film of PNB in order to ensure the adhesion of epoxy to the fibers.
Once the character is completely untwisted, he will take a seat and the airplane will take-off.
The CoreBuilder 7000's modular four-slot, eight-port density lets us flexibly plug and play OC3 fiber links to our routers and 155 Mbps ATM untwisted pair (UTP) connections to desktops and servers instead of dedicating entire cards to a specific media.
Sorry, but my knickers remain well and truly untwisted.
The mixed fabric is realized of alternate untwisted fascicles kevlar and carbon filaments.
As I say, though, my knickers remain totally untwisted.
The SMTP and DNS problem is untwisted with the exclusive communication between Internet and intranet licence for only one particular computer.
Twist the hair length clockwise, leaving about two or three inches untwisted.
This approach makes it easier for the installer to visually match each conductor to its mate after the pairs have been untwisted during the termination process.
As workmen untwisted one of the tangled flags, a veteran's voice rang out: "Don't bother.