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Where the twisting and untwisting of the third movement form a muted counternarrative, the subtle operations of contour serve to reinforce the overt oppositions of the fourth movement.
The cables can then be released by untwisting the two ends.
While Courter definitely took her time untwisting this tale, I would recommend this book for the story alone, as well as a springboard for discussion.
Spike patiently showed me the finer points of tying off to the kelp to keep from drifting, using freshwater spinning gear to make bait - mackerel, primarily - and untwisting the crow's nests I looped into his conventional reels while aiming for game fish.
The artist sometimes twists body parts beyond untwisting, as in the sculpture of an impossibly bent arm, suggesting that the crumbling body-ego is his subject.
The untwisting - always accompanied by good music (Aretha Franklin, Cassandra Wilson and Alice Coltrane somehow seem appropriate) and a good book (Gloria Naylor, Alice Walker, and Toni Cade Bambara have been the choices of late) - usually takes three or four hours if I'm doing it alone, which, given the daunting nature of the project, I usually am.
Or, make a dressing stick by untwisting a wire coat hanger with pliers.
Mark the post centers on the line by untwisting the string and pushing a nail through the strands.
The elastic twang in the background might just be the sound of Lady Gaga untwisting her knickers.
Branches, twisting and untwisting in a heavy winter's breeze