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But I have seen well-greased o-rings slowly untwist in their glands after installation.
As first light enters a telescope and one sees light of a star when the star has vanished, I see a finch at a feeder, beans germinating in darkness; a man with a pole pulls yarn out of an indigo vat, twists and untwists it; I hear a shout as a child finds Boletus barrowsii under ponderosa pine; I see you wearing an onyx and gold pin.
Biochemists have known for some years that inside the nucleus a section of the double-stranded DNA untwists and unzips to expose a gene's code.
An electric field, applied parallel to the glass plates (in-plane), effectively untwists it causing the separation between the rings to increase.
As the rubber band untwists, it forces the wings to flap up and down.
Then the carbon monoxide waits until the protein's ever-shifting backbone untwists.