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But I have seen well-greased o-rings slowly untwist in their glands after installation.
Once my heart stops pounding and my stomach untwists I realise that, in some deeply subconscious way, I've actually enjoyed myself.
As first light enters a telescope and one sees light of a star when the star has vanished, I see a finch at a feeder, beans germinating in darkness; a man with a pole pulls yarn out of an indigo vat, twists and untwists it; I hear a shout as a child finds Boletus barrowsii under ponderosa pine; I see you wearing an onyx and gold pin.
Biochemists have known for some years that inside the nucleus a section of the double-stranded DNA untwists and unzips to expose a gene's code.
An electric field, applied parallel to the glass plates (in-plane), effectively untwists it causing the separation between the rings to increase.