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Untying the Moon is a beautifully written first novel, with settings that feel lived in, a nice eye for detail, and a story that's simple but evocative.
Untying aid is a more efficient way to deliver assistance, allowing recipients to spend their money on another supplier, and not necessarily from the donor country.
Developing countries have pressed for untying aid for some time now.
Had this not been agreed, food-aid programmes and possibly the untying process may have been jeopardized.
But it cautioned that while this decision represents a step in the right direction and hopefully will pave the way towards extended aid untying, the list of exemptions, technical cooperation, food aid and aid to non-LDCs, needs to be addressed.
The donors adopted the Recommendation on Untying of Official Development Assistance to the Least Developed Countries (see European Report 2585), although the Japanese placed a reserve which will expire on May 11.
In this interview, he responds to questions about the DAC's recent Recommendation on untying aid to the least developed countries.
A The business community has also expressed its interest in untying aid in a multilateral framework with credible provisions for transparency and monitoring.
It says that if the donor community is serious about untying, it should reach an agreement even without EU aid, and the inclusion of EU aid cannot be a condition.
During DAC negotiations on untying aid, the United States managed to exclude food aid and technical assistance.