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Becks then crossed for Figo but the winger untypically miscued with a bicycle kick.
Bouchardy shows how Bayle adopts reason as a major reference in Pensees sur la comete (1683) and, untypically for him, is enthusiastic about science and scientific progress in the Nouvelles de la Republique des Lettres (1684-87).
Quite a lot of the material is strange but, quite untypically for this kind of architectural outer-rim stuff, it's rarely pretentious or pompously sententious.
A fine instance of this latter attitude is found in Alexis Smith's installations and smaller collages (the piece the curators chose, Ring of Fire, 1982, was, however, untypically weak).
The use or abuse of pronouns in the first paragraph of Chapter 9, for example, makes it, not untypically, difficult to read.
Root passed his 50 at near a run-a-ball but had little of the strike in a half-century stand with Ben Stokes as the Yorkshireman departed in untypically ugly fashion to a chop-on.
Untypically he never seems to have been much interested in girls although he was spoken of with veneration, particularly by his headmaster's daughters.
Cook, who will open alongside debutant Sam Robson, was untypically ready to confirm the makeup of the top six - a move that would have been anathema under the secretive Andy Flower reign.
The Saddlers slipped out of the play-off zone after putting in an untypically loose and lacklustre performance, particularly before the break.
The upshot was that England perhaps looked short of a third frontline seamer, especially once off-spinner James Tredwell proved untypically vulnerable.
Clarke, untypically, grassed the chance at slip- it proved a costly lapse.