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Yet, as Zeeuw (research fellow, Conflict Research Unit, Clingendael Institute of International Relations, the Netherlands) observes, it is a process fraught with many difficulties and not untypically results in failure.
I think they did quite well but I would say they were untypically Scottish.
Becks then crossed for Figo but the winger untypically miscued with a bicycle kick.
Quite a lot of the material is strange but, quite untypically for this kind of architectural outer-rim stuff, it's rarely pretentious or pompously sententious.
Nasafi himself believed, somewhat untypically, that even some non-Muslims might see God.
A fine instance of this latter attitude is found in Alexis Smith's installations and smaller collages (the piece the curators chose, Ring of Fire, 1982, was, however, untypically weak).
Not untypically in such circumstances (Beirut in 1982, Belfast for many years) the would-be protectors find themselves reviled by the very people they thought they came to help.
The ratings changes also reflect negative trends in DHI's operating margins, further deterioration in credit metrics (especially interest coverage and debt/EBITDA ratios), erosion in tangible net worth from non-cash real estate charges and operating losses, which have led to untypically high leverage.
The Saddlers slipped out of the play-off zone after putting in an untypically loose and lacklustre performance, particularly before the break.
However, there were some significant weather events, such as the late winter and exceptionally cold spring with untypically late snowfalls.
The International Monetary Fund have been untypically direct in encouraging the Government to revise their economic policy - "ease up on austerity and focus more on growth"; the basis for the central determinant policy of deficit reduction as a necessary precursor to growth has been demolished as totally flawed by an MIT student; while Fitch became the second credit ratings agency to downgrade the UK's triple A rating.
Opener Cook himself untypically helped to start the rot in England's first innings in Dunedin last week, when the tourists collapsed to 167 all out on a blameless pitch.