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The plastic casing was broken and bent and there was damage to the interior, which meant it was totally unusable.
The authority was forced to lengthen the northern strip by 800 metres and abandon the other, thus leaving a 430 metre long section of unusable runway.
With the present lack of scientific consensus on the adverse health effects of mold, the "direct physical loss" question may often hinge on a battle of experts as to whether the mold condition at issue constitutes a health problem or renders the insured premises unusable or uninhabitable.
There is no difference in practical terms if IRA weapons are made permanently inaccessible or unusable - this is decommissioning.
Charitable recyclers can now apply for a rebate to help recover some of the cost of disposing unusable donations that have been dumped at charitable clothing bins.
The telecommunications company has installed a mobile recycle bin on the institute's campus, enabling students to easily discard old, unusable mobile handsets safely and responsibly.
Barry-based office supplies company COS - The Complete Office Solution - is asking companies around South Wales to donate any surplus, unwanted, redundant or unusable office supplies in a bid to go green and help a British charity.
Our goal is to help customers recover value from technology, and ensure that unusable hardware is responsibly recycled," he says.
5 -- 6 -- ran in SAC edition only) Above, traffic crawls along the southbound side of the Golden State Freeway due to lane closures because of damage to the roadway; at left, Bouquet Canyon Road near Vasquez Canyon Road remains unusable due to heavy water damage.
The borough's social services department said the care homes have become unusable, but pledged there would be the same number of beds available for providing crucial care facilities.
No one has ever stopped volcanic activity, but it might be possible to contain subterranean peat fires, which can burn for years and render vast tracts of land unusable, Dysthe notes.
It is now possible to rent out previously unusable rooftop and interior space and to receive income for allowing telecommunications companies access to your building and your tenants.