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Proper disposal of unusable pesticides has been recognized by the Chesapeake Bay Program as a high priority because of the potential for improperly stored pesticides to contaminate the Chesapeake Bay or other water sources.
The subject of the public contract is to ensure the collection, removal, use or disposal of unusable use of drugs from pharmacies in the City.
Zain has set up dedicated special drop boxes in its Experience shops across the Kingdom for the public to drop off their unusable mobile handsets.
The blogger claimed: "By the time it's been picked up and taken to the central depot it's been contaminated with broken glass and other materials and it's mostly unusable.
the landlord's decision to demolish the building destroyed by fire and wholly unusable was ruled reasonable and appropriate under the terms of the destruction clause of the lease.
In Besculetes Helytallas (Honorable reliability, 1992), a huge wheelless toy truck "stands" suspended, immovable, unusable.
The failures rendered the system unusable on the eve of one of the largest minefield-clearing efforts in history.
The earthquake and tsunami created changes in the coastal topography, shifting drainage patterns and landforms, thus making pre-tsunami maps virtually unusable in the rebuilding effort.
Zain Bahrain, which launched the kingdom's first-ever National Mobile Phone and e-Waste Recycling Campaign this month has already collected over 300 old, unusable and broken handsets for recycling.
That makes the rocket unusable because of electrostatic discharge and the hazard of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to ammo and rockets.
Moreover, the protein from the most common mutant form of cftr is unusable by S.