unusual happening

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Even the chaos that comes with the torrential rain that falls here would be welcome and he added: "This is good for me, because it increases the chances of something unusual happening.
I AM a member of the Bahrain Road Runners (BRR) and during my visit to my hometown in Germany last Christmas, I looked at the running event schedule in the area and decided to participate in the annual Sylvester run organised by the CVJM Siegerland with my BRR shirt and the Bahrain flag, which was a very unusual happening and many asked me what the purpose was and about the issue with the flag.
It is also clarified that such shortages normally occur at this time of the year and this is not an unusual happening.
This was a most unusual happening and it is unlikely to have been written by someone who had not witnessed the happening.
The most unusual happening was a press conference by the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who just happened to be "in the neighbourhood", after attending a "climate change" summit of Amazon nations in Manaos, Brazil, which produced a resolution on controlling deforestation.
This is an unusual happening especially in compounds.
Diana Spavin, owner of Parkway Boarding Kennels and Cattery, which overlooks the site, said police had called two weeks ago to ask if she could remember anything unusual happening at the site 10 years ago.
In order to work out what price would be appropriate in a corners supremacy market we have to take into account what usually happens and also the chance of something unusual happening.
It appears that the Examiner in that era caught wind of something unusual happening at a hair salon in Mirfield.
For example, it is unlikely that Olympic Airways could have defeated the Hanson/Husain claim by arguing that there was nothing unusual happening because the airline is always rude and indifferent to its passengers.
Barring something unusual happening, we may be able to skate through and absorb any Bonneville increase.
The teacher noticed something unusual happening,'' Scolnik said.