unusual task

See: burden, onus
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He managed it well; the darkness of death was replaced with the clever and comical irony of this unusual task.
In early February, an unusual task force convened in the George C.
The former United and England captain is taking on fellow pundit and one-time Wales international Robbie Savage in the unusual task of trying to sit on half the seats in Wembley "In a strange way I'm looking forward to it," the 43-year-old said, before setting off to try and sit on 45,000 of the ground's seats.
THIS image of the iconic Menai Suspension bridge was taken just before dawn by a mobile phone carrying out an unusual task.
When asked if the unusual task was required as part of her job, Jennifer O'Neill said that she felt it was, the New York Post reported.
The exhumation echoes "some highly sensitive issues," one Western diplomat in Ramallah conceded as workers prepared to assume their unusual task.
be a The cast, who have been meeting for rehearsals over the last 11 weeks, have faced a number of interesting challenges, including mastering the art of stage fighting, deciding how to convincingly act out the shooting of a best friend and for one cast member, Iona Douglas, the rather unusual task of learning how to bring a glass puppet to life.
LONG RUN will be bidding to complete the unusual task of winning the William Hill King George VI Chase twice in the same year, but he won't be the first to do it should he be successful.
IN FUR REPAIRS Mechanic Brian has unusual task of trying to free rabbit from engine, inset
Shoveling snow is not an unusual task for many Midwesterners, but it isn't always pleasant, and can be downright difficult for some folks.
THE Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday had an unusual task at hand.
Sue Cogan set herself the unusual task during a brain-storming meeting with The Friends of Palmerston School, who need to raise pounds 5,000 for the sensory playground.