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Previously, CO2 pipelines have been designed using unvalidated computer simulations of CO2 dispersion due to the lack of experimental data.
Internal validity is also compromised as the vignettes, even though they were developed and reviewed by senior emergency care practitioners, remained unvalidated.
An ad-hoc, unvalidated scale developed by the authors measured stress.
HIVMA says HbA1c (or fasting glucose) "may be used to screen for glucose intolerance and diabetes" in people with HIV, (9) while HRSA cautions that the test remains unvalidated for screening in HIV-positive people (8) and Monroe, Glesby, and Brown advise against using HbA1c to screen for diabetes.
These tests are unvalidated, poorly reproducible, have poor predictive value for allergies and cannot diagnose sensitisation.
Most of these unvalidated measures are likely to benefit business.
Producer investment centers on the Net Unvalidated Producer Payroll (NUPP) metric, which is a measure of an agency's investment in developing producers.
Particularly for scientists and researchers, one of the challenges is figuring out how to engage when there is a lot of inaccurate, unscientific, unvalidated information being shared.
A second major shortcoming of the PGS test relates to unvalidated predictions of risk for the group of tests listed as "health risks.
Aside from the largely unvalidated assumption that such proxies accurately reflect fishery impacts on associated natural stocks (Hankin et al.
For example, in our study we found that some risk factors, such as inadequate protein intake (42) and high sodium intake, (43) occur quite frequently in Turkish postmenopausal patients, but these risk factors remain unvalidated for our population.
44] Three important points should be noted: (1) these tools remained largely unvalidated in prospective studies;[sup.