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Bayard remarks on this in The Unvanquished when he goes to confront Redmond, the man who killed his father.
Unvanquished is a fantastically unbelievable story of a scion of landed nobility; a Kresowiak of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; a nationalist socialist revolutionary; a romantic; a spy, a fighter, a train robber; a self-taught military man; free Poland's first marshal; a self-anointed savior of the Commonwealth with a mass following; a charismatic leader turned nocturnal solitaire-playing misanthrope; a successful putschist; a cranky but mild dictator; a serial husband and lover and tender, if largely absentee father; a scathing hater of party politics and parliamentarism; a dabbler turned serious foreign policy expert; and a leftist neopagan agnostic enamored with Our Lady of the Sharp Gate.
So it is right now with Newcastle United, unvanquished in six matches after the most depressing of times.
Against you I will fling myself, unvanquished and unyielding, O Death
The date of the Nativity was first placed by the Western church on December 25th in the fourth century, in a Roman calendar of AD 334, when Christmas supplanted the pagan festival of the unvanquished sun.
1652 (Braunschweig Kunstmuseum) has a directer appeal in its resilience as its roots grapple with a sandy landslip; hale and unvanquished, it sends out new shoots.
Nevertheless, it would be easy to misunderstand its sources of renewal--as many on the secular Left do--as simply the revival of an unvanquished ignorance, rather than as a key to the deeper contradictions of social life.
The garden on the museum's grounds is a logical extension of Faulkner's appreciation of the natural world, which he captured in works like Big Woods, The Sound and the Fury, The Unvanquished, and Flags in the Dust.
The only consideration animating him now is remaining unvanquished in Scotland.
Unvanquished foes such as the Chinese, of course, need not be accessible at all, particularly since they remain active opponents.