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USPRwire, Sun Sep 13 2015] This quarter our view on the Hungarian power market remains largely unvaried.
Gorgeous setting and costuming; performances range from compelling to unvaried in three acts that span over two and a half hours.
Repeatedly, there are no consequences to road peril, just continuous cutting to new situations and unvaried high speeds.
In confronting that past, Timm strives also to mend its wounds, and although the sentiments expressed in In My Brother's Shadow are for the most part unimpeachable, there's something too fastidious about its unvaried mournfulness.
Jane Giering-De Haan (Adina) was dramatically sprightly in a generalized way, although her technically poised singing was rather unvaried in coloring.
Normally I would gripe at ungenerosity, given the less than an hour's playing-time here: but one can have too much of a good thing, especially when the offerings are so unvaried.
12 C Theme (I (4s), II (8s), III (8s)) with unvaried repeats, followed by two variations with varied repeats 12 Fantasia FWVB No.
As for what's been working with Italian auds, their tastes remain pretty unvaried.
6[degrees]C), and the air suction speed (2350 rpm) are held unvaried, whereas, the polymer melt temperature, the quench pressure, and the venturi gap are changed, the predicted fiber diameters tally well with the measured ones.
Yass's subjects are diverse--they include a psychiatric ward, cityscapes, art professionals, and Indian film stars--but one can't escape the sense that content is secondary to style and that this style remains staggeringly unvaried, notwithstanding recent forays into film.