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Tenders are invited for Glass Fibre Cord Twisted, Unvarnished, 3Mm Dia.
Lord Hutton will have a particularly hard job prising the unvarnished truth out of it.
As the result of an animated, often humorous, 35-minute conversation Wednesday, Freeman didn't answer questions so much as give an unvarnished version of where he thinks the DWP is, where it needs to be and some of the major changes that are necessary to get there.
Brody also accumulated a tape deck full of unvarnished conversations among the major Republican players in the White House and on the campaign trail.
No one there seems able to tell the unvarnished truth.
I feel very strongly that I should be free to give frank, unvarnished advice to the attorney general without having to worry about the advice being laid out before the world,'' Freeh said in his testimony Tuesday.
Nixon unvarnished is not a pretty sight, so it's not surprising that the late president's daughters are said to be upset with the book, and with Crowley.
Tenders are invited for Unvarnished Tape Fibre Glass,Size-13 Mm Width X 0.
I mean, do you think columns such as these would be any cop if their authors only ever told you the unvarnished truth about their tedious lives?