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Tyson gives an unvarnished recounting of his life's highs and lows, including his years in prison, biting Evander Holyfield's ear, his marriages, being a tabloid target and his drug use.
This unvarnished picture of life in South Arabia is based on her diaries.
We ask Mr Clegg and his lieutenants to trust the electorate with the full, unvarnished truth - however painful for the party he leads.
Of interest to students of Southwestern American history and Indian history, this memoir of Arizona Yavapai Mike Burns' life provides a unique and unvarnished look at the atrocities and cultural genocide committed against the native peoples of the region, and presents one man's personal perspective, molded by his experiences living as an Indian in white society, of the travails of his people.
Warren's unvarnished criticisms of the banking and finance industry won her many progressive supporters, but it also earned her some enemies on Capitol Hill.
In home furnishings, one of the top trends for 2012 carried over from 2011 continues to be wood (either as smooth unvarnished surfaces or textured accents such as chips), stone effects and botanical patterns.
With a lacquered seat and back rest and unvarnished legs, these stylish chairs are delightfully simple yet very distinctive.
In this month's Q & A, The Real Deal talked to market analysts and CEOs of brokerages to get their unvarnished views of what to expect in 2011.
Palin was responding to comments the former first lady made during a recent appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live," in which offered her unvarnished take on Palin's possible presidential ambitions.
This year she was honored as the "2010 Public Lawyer of the Year" by the New Mexico Bar Association for her "unwavering and fierce determination to provide the unvarnished facts in a nonpartisan fashion in what is usually a very partisan environment.
Sites that review local businesses across the country have become online destinations for consumers to offer or get an unvarnished take on a business.
is also one of the strongest exhortations not to gamble at all, simply because it spells out the unvarnished truth about what gambling for a living is really like, the severity of its risks, and the demands it makes upon a player.