unvarnished truth

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He has stated such matters just as they occurred, and leaves every one to form his own opinion concerning them; trusting that his anxious desire to speak the unvarnished truth will gain for him the confidence of his readers.
The audience has an opportunity to question the storytellers about their stories, then votes for the person who told the unvarnished truth.
In other words, the doctrines, claims, and practices of religious traditions are at best heuristic devices that attempt, but fail, to express sufficiently the unvarnished truth of divine transcendence.
Just the plain, unvarnished truth about what these politicians got away with while they ruled the roost at Westminster.
Hell, yeah" Singer Annie Lennox, above "The unvarnished truth is our birthright, but we don't hear it often enough in politics.
Summary: Democratic elections cannot be described as competitions aimed at revealing which candidates tell the unvarnished truth.
Now at last we have the unvarnished truth from someone who really knows the score: playing golf for a living is not a job, just a very well paid indulgence.
Next there is The Truth About Drugs: Real People, Real Stories documentary film which expands on each drug of choice featuring survivors of addiction who now describe the unvarnished truth about drug abuse.
All want that comprehensive investigation be conducted and that the unvarnished truth should come out.
However, the unvarnished truth is that the US suffered the terror of September 11 because of its support to Israel.
Ellis lets her interviewees speak, in their own words, the unvarnished truth about themselves, their hopes and fears, their dreams and aspirations.
One of the reasons that peace has been so hard to achieve is that we have uncoupled our search for peace from the search for universal justice and unvarnished truth.