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That element and the occasional flaw apart, this is first-rate scholarship, working on material of unvarying interest.
The Ministry fervently underlined its firm, unvarying position supportive of any real effort or work, or any alliance aimed at fighting Takfiri terrorism in all its organizations and its military and thinking forms.
This unvarying focus will suit the knowledgeable Scottish historian, but lay readers might have appreciated a little more of a helping hand in understanding, for instance, the politics of the time and the legal weight of the two opposing claims to the earldom of Ross out of which the conflict sprang.
He said there was no doubt that unvarying assistance from UNIDO in the form of TRTA II programme could help us achieve the desired results in the best possible manner.
The two fast friends seal their relationship by honoring an unvarying daily/weekly routine together: "Madame Martine and Max took the same walk every day.
Although at times the writing feels wooden and the syntax of individual sentences unvarying, Miller's scenes are terrific.
Wherever you are - in any city, any country - observing the month of Ramadan, with unfaltering fervour, explicit abstinence and unvarying piety is a most rewarding experience that brightens one's inward chambers and impart lessons in one's life that the rewards for fasting are immense.
I did become bothered by a lack of variety, with a constant and unvarying pounding drum beat.
David Pountney, the WNO's chief executive and artistic director, has brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the WNO, which before his arrival was in danger of serving up an almost unvarying diet of Carmen, Tosca and other favourites.
IF failed to provide a uniform platform for its calculation based on unvarying opportunities for the journals.
It started with the first question and remained unvarying until the end.
Sections of the racing press used to call him - not to his face - ' two-sausages Sturdy', because apparently that was his lads' unvarying daily ration.