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For those unversed in the Lebanese art of double meanings, here is a small dictionary to get you by.
Here, within an appositely labyrinthine display designed by Fabian Marti, more than one hundred works by nearly fifty artists--including Kenneth Anger, Joachim Koester, Cerith Wyn Evans, and Lisa Yuskavage--will offer entree to their hermetic milieus or, perhaps, stonewall viewers unversed in the correct secret handshakes.
Batty believes that Deshpande has been categorized as a "women's writer" with a simple realistic style that, while brilliant, would not appeal to those unversed in Indian culture and history.
Because most Americans--including more than a few Medicare-loving Tea Party protesters--are unversed in the ingenious, if flawed, compact crafted by the Framers, they willingly cede to the federal government many and undefined powers.
The topic of early modern angels can be rather daunting to those unversed in the intricacies of angelological debates.
There's a poetic, at times almost hypnotic relentlessness to Kitson's delivery, its forensic and intellectual exploration of the minutiae of life melding with a caressing wordplay, from the detailed cataloguing of Gregory's letters - all 30,659 of them, to delightful pronouncements such as "I absolutely love a loft" or telling us that Gregory was "a man not unversed in the dark arts of pedantry.
On the parade ground, the soldier, unversed in English, automatically obeys orders like "fall in "fall out," "quick march," and "double time," with precision and alacrity.
Even so, The Grand Design shows him painfully unversed in philosophy--and even logic.
Even technical problems and a haphazard start to The Scaffold's rendition of Lily the Pink, Liverpool Lou and Thank U Very Much, did not put off the locals, but you've got to wonder what an international audience, unversed in their joyful silliness, will make of it.
But this at times seems to prevent fuller consideration of broader contexts that might help readers unversed in Hungary.
The program lets the relatively unversed create their own video games, rather than pay programmers to do so.
David Marquand's modesty leads him to hide the extend of this sometimes privileged vantage point: only the dedicated reader of footnotes unversed in his biography will discover that he 'writes as an original founder of the SDP', 'as an academic at Salford University', 'as a member of the Dahrendorf Commission on Wealth Creation and Social Cohesion (1995)', etc.