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This insight proved attractive to Americans in part because, as they had long realized, republics were fragile entities easily corrupted by unvirtuous leaders.
Animals, by contrast, are very much the opposite: they are unvirtuous, ignorant of the Buddhist path, and, in any case, unable to follow the Buddha ideal in any reliable way.
Without debating the pros and cons of the foregoing events, most of them resulted in an increase in government spending and significant cultural and social changes, including a marked increase in unmarried births and single-parent families, which in turn have caused even more social-welfare spending, in an unvirtuous vicious circle.
Page: Yes, by all meanes, if it be but to scrape the figures out of your husband's braines: if they can find in their hearts, the poore unvirtuous fat Knight shall be any further afflicted, wee two will still bee the ministers.
The Council has hosted leaders from our nation and around the world but not likely one more important to quelling the fires of violence and indeed to breaking this most unvirtuous circle of violence and to rebuilding dreams of peace than our guest today," he told his distinguished guests.
If I wash a leper out of compassion and duty but take no pleasure in it, is my action wholly unvirtuous, no better morally than if I had washed my hands instead?
This binary pits the superior, who has learned to act by virtue (hua) and the unvirtuous (yi), "a different and inherently uncivilized species" (p.
This incident provides the catalyst for the film's thriller narrative, which casts Okwe as the virtuous man trapped in a decidedly unvirtuous world.
The Swadeshi movement in India and the National Products movement in China condemned goods of foreign provenance, in part by defining them as unnecessary, unpatriotic, and unvirtuous luxuries.
26 (arguing that a thoroughly unvirtuous individual, if be continues to live, will only get worse; death provides the "cure" for such wickedness); SENECA, MORAL ESSAYS 147 (John W.
For Lucas Graffe--unrepentant, unvirtuous, and careless of his life--is surely no Gawain (Dipple 163).
The problem with the unvirtuous crowd is that a popular leader (dg, magogos) can persuade it via flattery (65) since "tyranny is friendly to the base, for they delight in being flattered.